Jean Monnet Module: Climate Change Law in the EU


Project leader: izv. prof. dr. sc. Melita Carević, LL.M.

Contact:, +38514895752


Project info

The objective of the project 'Climate Change Law in the EU', which runs from September 2022 until September 2025, is to fill the existing gap in Croatian higher education regarding EU climate change law and to provoke scholarly and public debate on climate change regulation. The project responds to the needs specialised education in climate change law due to the rising interest in this issue among students at the University of Zagreb.

Most of the teaching activities in this module are taking place within a new elective graduate course “Climate Change Law in the EU” and in the form of teaching units within several existing courses, such as the EU Migration and Asylum Law, European Public Law and EU Internal Market Law at the Master of European Studies Programmes. The teaching is focused on improving students’ problem identification and solving skills.

Further activities within the scope of the module will consist in research which will result in two published in academic papers, a conference 'The EU and current challenges in global climate change governance' which will take place in the final year of the project and will synthetise and disseminate the project findings, and a workshop 'Spreading the word – climate change and what you can do about it', organised for students who have completed this course, which will train them to hold short 45 min presentations to elementary or high school students, in order raise climate change awareness from an early age and knowledge on how the EU is addressing the issue.

The most important output of the module is to increase awareness and knowledge on EU climate change law among young citizens, to build up a community of students taking the course, who will, once they start their practice, represent the driving force for the adoption and enforcement of environmental law in Croatia and to network that community with foreign academics and practitioners.

Teaching activities
Course EU climate change law (winter semester) - 4 ECTS

This graduate course offered at the fifth year of legal studies is aimed at students interested in exploring climate change governance in the European Union and its influence on global standard setting. It covers a broad range of topics which are crucial for understanding the current climate change regime – the scientific basis for regulation, the actors responsible for the development of climate change legislation in the EU, the EU legislative framework with the special focus on the Emission Trading Scheme, the European Green Deal, the proposed Border Carbon Adjustment mechanism and the renewable energy policy, climate change litigation as well as the EU’s role in global climate change governance and the impact of climate change on migration. The course will strive to improve students’ problem identification and solving skills in an environment which fosters critical debate. Having taken the course, the students will be able to identify and assess the development of climate change law and policy in the EU.

Course EU Migration and Asylum Law (winter semester) (one teachign unit)

This elective course at the gradaute level contains one teaching unit on climate migrants and their legal protection at the international and EU level.

Course EU Internal Market Law (summer semester) (one teachign unit)

In this course, offered at the Master of European Studies programme at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Zagreb, one teaching unit is dedicated to environmental regulation and its impact on the internal market.

Course Europsko javno pravo (summer semester) (one teaching unit)

Within this graduate mandatory course for at the second year of legal studies offered in Croatian, one teaching unit is devoted to the decision making procees at the EU level, studied at the example of climate change governance and the Green Deal.