International Law of Sea
Chair of International Law
International Law of Sea
Study: International Law - 10. semester
Code: 61305
ECTS: 4.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Maja Seršić
doc. dr. sc. Trpimir Mihael Šošić
Exam dates:
  • 10. 06. 2024.
  • 24. 06. 2024.
  • 08. 07. 2024.
  • 26. 08. 2024.
  • 09. 09. 2024.
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Basic data
International Law of Sea International Law - 10. semester
4.0 61305
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Maja Seršić

Tuesdays, at 12 am

Ćirilometodska 4, room 19
doc. dr. sc. Trpimir Mihael Šošić

Tuesdays, at 4 pm

Ćirilometodska 4, room Ćirilometodska 4, soba 18
REQUIRED: J. Andrassy, B. Bakotić, M. Seršić, B. Vukas; Međunarodno pravo 1; Školska knjiga, Zagreb (2010), str. 211-286 (krupni i sitni slog)
REQUIRED: M. Seršić; Međunarodnopravna zaštita morskog okoliša; Pravni fakultet u Zagrebu (2003), str. 13-76, 197-208
RECOMMENDED: B. Vukas; The Law of the Sea - Selected Writings; Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden (2004), str. 3-9, 83-109, 133-154, 281-289, 291-315
Introduction and general issues: the concept of the International Law of the Sea; historical development; sources of the law of the sea.

Legal regimes of different parts of the sea, the seabed and its subsoil: internal waters; territorial sea; archipelagic waters; contiguous zone; exclusive economic zone; continental shelf; highs seas; International Seabed Area; delimitation of maritime areas; specific and unresolved issues (Arctic, Antarctic, enclosed and semi-enclosed seas).

Exploration, exploitation and uses of the sea: navigation (in different maritime zones, straits and canals); fisheries (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, regional agreements, Adriatic Sea); mineral resource exploitation in the seabed (in maritime areas within national jurisdiction, deep seabed mining according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea); marine scientific research; development and transfer of marine technology; status of land-locked and geographically disadvantaged states.

Protection and preservation of the marine environment: general law (basic principles, sources of pollution, adoption and enforcement of national and international rules); protection of regional seas (especially the Barcelona Convention on the Protection of the Mediterranean with additional protocols); protection of the Adriatic Sea.

Peace-time military activities at sea: the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and peace-time military activities; treaty-based limitations on military activities at sea.

Dispute settlement in the field of the international law of the sea: general international law; Geneva Conventions, 1958; regional arrangements; dispute settlement mechanism of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
Exam dates
10. 06. 2024.
24. 06. 2024.
08. 07. 2024.
26. 08. 2024.
09. 09. 2024.