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History of international law
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History of international law
Study: Public international law and private international law - 1. semester
Code: 166894
ECTS: 5.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Davorin Lapaš
Basic data
History of international law Public international law and private international law - 1. semester
5.0 166894
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Davorin Lapaš

Tuesdays, at 2 pm

Ćirilometodska 4, room 24
REQUIRED: Andrassy, J., Bakotić, B., Vukas, B.; Međunarodno pravo, sv. 1; (1998), str. §§ 1-3, i 6-8
REQUIRED: Degan, V.Đ.; Međunarodno pravo, 2. izd.; (2006), str
REQUIRED: Nussbaum, A.; A Concise History of the Law of Nations; (1962), str. (capita selecta) ili ad. 4
REQUIRED: Domingo, R.,; The Global Law; (2010), str. (capita selecta) ili ad. 3
RECOMMENDED: Bederman, D.J.; International Law in Antiquity; (2003), str
RECOMMENDED: Calore, A (ur.); "Guerra giusta"? Le metamorfosi di un concetto antico; (2003), str
RECOMMENDED: Catalano, P.; Linee del sistema sovranazionale romano; (1965), str
RECOMMENDED: Sera Y Truyol, A.; Histoire du droit international public; (1995), str
RECOMMENDED: Ziegler, K.-H.,; Voelkerrechtsgeschichte; (1994), str
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