The Chair of Maritime and Transport Law offers the following courses on English language (both for ERASMUS and domestic students): winter semester: European Transport Law  (Erasmus and domestic students) International Air Law (Erasmus students only)  Transport Insurance Law  (Erasmus students only) Insurance Law (Erasmus students only) Private Security Services and Law  (Erasmus and domestic students) summer semester: Maritime and Transport Law  (for Erasmus and domestic students)  Carriage of Goods by Sea  (for Erasmus and domestic students)     More information on each course is available on the following link .
Publication "European Transport...
Department for Maritime and Transport Law is proud to announce the publication of a monograph on the issue of "European Transport Law", prepared by the Department associates and colleagues from the Academy and practice.   The publication is a result of a multi-annual work and scientific research of seven authors (Nikoleta Radinov, Tamara Ćapeta, Jasenko Marin, Božena Bulum, Ana Kumpan, Nikola Popović, Iva Savić) in the field of European Union transport law and policy, including wider areas such as the market competition, protection of the environment, and the passengers' rights in particular transport modes.   " Taking into consideration the importance of transport industry for revitalization of the local economy, and the necessity of domestic transport industry to know and understand the EU transport law regulations in order to survive in a highly competitive surroundings, a group of authors have undertaken a difficult task of presenting and interpreting the EU acquis in the field of transport… The purpose of the publication is to offer a concise context of the acquis's development, issues that have arisen during its formulation, and the present meaning and contents to a reader who has little time to understand and acquire the necessary knowledge regarding a specific questions or European transport law in general "   (Foreword)   For a Table of Contents visit the following link . For a Summary Review, see the document available at the Repository at the bottom of this page.