Basics of Political Science
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Basics of Political Science
Study: Public administration - 1. semester
Code: 110916
ECTS: 7.0
Course coordinators: izv. prof. dr. sc. Dario Čepo
Lecturers: dr. sc. Mateja Čehulić - Lectures
Exam dates:
  • 26. 08. 2024.
  • 09. 09. 2024.
Exam registration: Studomat
Basic data
Basics of Political Science Public administration - 1. semester
7.0 110916
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
izv. prof. dr. sc. Dario Čepo

Tuesday 11 am - 12 pm

Trg Republike Hrvatske 3, room 25/II.
Lecturer Consultations Location
dr. sc. Mateja Čehulić (Lectures) Trg Republike Hrvatske 3, room 305/III
Ravlić, S. i Čepo, D.; Uvod u političku znanost; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (2014), str. 283
Political science and its subject. Classic and modern understanding of politics. Types of political regimes. Basic concepts and theoretical perspectives. Civil society and state. Institutions of democratic government - the legislature, government and administration. Pluralism, interest groups and parties. Elections and electoral systems. Political transformation and democratization. Political participation. The process of decision making (policy process). Ideology and political power. Nation, nationalism and national identity. Globalization, global leadership and global order. International organizations. The European Union and the nation-state.
Exam dates
26. 08. 2024.
09. 09. 2024.