Welcome Day

Today is the second working day for our foreign students who will spend the summer semester at the Faculty of Law as part of the Erasmus+ program and other bilateral exchange programs. On the occasion of their arrival on Friday, February 18, 2022, organized by the International Mobility Office of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, a Welcome Day was held for all incoming foreign students. It is a group of 40 new exchange students, who will attend classes together with 11 students more who have prolonged their exchange from the winter semester. Given the circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this is a very encouraging number.

At the very beginning, the students were warmly welcomed by the Vice Dean of International Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Iris Goldner Lang. The presentation on the Faculty of Law in Zagreb was given by the member of the International Cooperation Office, Jelena Tadić Cegnar, and the work of the faculty library was presented by the employee Aleksandra Čar. Student volunteers from ESN Zagreb, one of the student associations that helps incoming foreign students, also took part in the program.
We would also like to give special thanks to the members and representatives of the student faculty associations, the Legal Clinic, ELSA Zagreb and the Sports Association.

After the official end of the program, all of the participants took part in a joint photo and had the opportunity to meet over coffee and pastries in the fresh air of the building's atrium. In the end, the students joined an organized two-hour walk around the city with a professional guide during which they had a unique opportunity to witness the shooting from the Grič cannon, which after a 410 days of break began shooting again at exactly 12 pm.

We are confident that the students' stay at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb will be a rich and positive experience and that one day they will become proud members of the alumni faculty community.

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