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Pre-qualification and admission requirements
The admission requirements are studies equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in Law or Political Science. All applicants must also enclose a statement of purpose/motivational letter. We have approximately 20 available places on the program each year, where we admit the best of applicants based on background, academic results and their motivational letter. We look for a motivated group of students with different background, culture and perspectives, since that brings out fruitful discussions in the learning environment.

Admission and application process:
We are only able to accept applications through our online application web page. You find all information about the application process in this page: https://en.uit.no/utdanning/art?p_document_id=351800&p_dimension_id=88200&p_menu=28714#question1 . The deadline to apply for admission for the academic year of 2020/2021 is December 1st 2019. The program starts in August 2020, and ends September 1st 2021. If you are interested in applying, please follow the “how to apply: step by step” guide at this page: https://en.uit.no/education/admissions/howtoapply . The application web opens in October.

Program structure and duration of the course
The the LL.M programme in Law of the Sea has a structure of three semesters through one calendar year, starting in August; The autumn semester consists of two introductory courses on the Law of the Sea and the politics of the Law of the Sea. The spring semester focuses on more specific topics on the Arctic and protection of the Marine Environment. In the third semester students select their own topic for an individual research project, which is to be completed during the summer.

Semester start
The semester starts in August every year. The International debut week is early in August, and we recommend that all the international student participate in this week. More information will be given the spring before the students are arriving Norway.

Scope of internship/jobs after completing the course
The program qualifies students for jobs both at national and international level, within the United Nations and its specialized agencies, in national diplomatic service as well as public administration and industry and commerce. Further, our students have been selected for internships at leading international institutions, such as the United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (DOALOS) and International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). Students may also be qualified to make a career within academia as doctoral students within in law of the sea or other research areas.

Tuition fees and scholarships
In Norway there are no tuition fee, but you will have to document proof of financial ability when applying – please find information about how and how much here: https://en.uit.no/education/art?p_document_id=592756  . The reason for this, is to document that you students have the financial ability to actually live and study here. In this page you find information about costs of living in Tromsø: https://en.uit.no/utdanning/art?p_document_id=374659&dim=191037

At this page you find a lot of general information about studying in Norway: https://en.uit.no/education/admissions . International applicants will be prioritized for student housing. Please find more information about that here: https://en.uit.no/utdanning/art?p_document_id=342464&dim=179016 and here: https://samskipnaden.no/en/tromso/bolig 

It is International office who are responsible for the application web and the general parts of the application process, so if you should have any more questions in that regard, please email international@uit.no.

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