OIB Application

For living and studying in Croatia, you need to have your own OIB – PIN number (Personal Identification Number). OIB is a number used for identifying natural and legal persons in the Republic of Croatia. Incoming students and teaching staff are required to have an OIB upon their arrival at our faculty. The OIB number is issued by the Croatian Tax Authority and is required for the enrollment and/or opening of a local bank account.


For more information, please check the following web page:



Instructions on how to fill out the necessary forms correctly:





Administration Process & Documents

We need to have your PIN number, in order to officially register you at our faculty and grant you access to certain faculty online systems. Since the procedure of issuing a PIN number can take up to a month, we will request it for you.

In order for us to be able to request the PIN number for you, please send us the following:

  • signed and filled out Mandate letter (form enclosed)
  • filled out Application for the Determination and Assignment of the Personal Identification Number form (form enclosed)
  • a copy of your ID or passport (both sides)

All above stated documents have to be sent in PDF format.