UNIC and Faculty of Law in Zagreb

UNIC is an alliance of eight universities that educate through teaching, research and community involvement, for the development of inclusive societies.

The coordinator of the UNIC alliance is Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The coordinator of the project at the level of the University of Zagreb is the Faculty of Law.

The project to create UNIC has three main components, which will be mostly realized online, i.e. in a digital environment.


UNIC Campus

The inter-university campus (UNIC Campus) will allow students, researchers and university teachers and other employees, especially those in student departments, laboratories and libraries, the unhindered mobility necessary for learning, teaching, scientific research, work, exchange and development of knowledge within UNIC- and, regardless of their socioeconomic and cultural origin and condition. The goal is to ensure the full inclusion of all categories of students. A 50% student mobility and a 25 % mobility of teachers and non-teaching staff is expected.

The Superdiversity Academy should encourage all universities from the UNIC alliance to accept students and employees of all characteristics and backgrounds. The goal is to open and develop new forms of cooperation and mobility of students and employees among the participating universities.


City Labs

CityLabs are a form of learning through practice aimed at enabling intercultural learning and cooperation. By way of illustration, in Zagreb, where the defined topic of the CityLab is “Helping citizens after the earthquake”, the provision of help to people in need, in particular to marginalized groups and at-risk groups, will be made possible at a location outside the faculty.

At the level of the University of Zagreb, the management board of the European University of Post-Industrial Cities is chaired by the Rector, Professor Stjepan Lakušić. The project leader is Professor Ivan Koprić and the deputy project manager is Assoc. Professor Goranka Lalić Novak. The working team of the University of Zagreb consists of several teachers and students of the Faculty of Law, including Assoc. Professor Goranka Lalić Novak and Assoc. Professor Mirela Krešić as head of the component of the Interuniversity Campus, Asst. Professor Tijana Vukojičić Tomić and Assoc. Professor Teo Giljević as leaders of the Academy of outstanding diversity, whereas Professor Nino Žganec and Asst. Professor Ana Opačić lead the component of the city labs. Asst. Professor Teo Giljević is the academic coordinator of the student committee at the University of Zagreb level, which includes students Karlo Kožina and Ivana Josipović as representatives of the Faculty of Law. Petra Đurman, PhD, and Vesna Kotarski, head of the Office for EU Projects of the University of Zagreb, are in charge of communication and public relations on the project. In addition, the working team of the project includes Asst. Professor Koraljka Modić Stanke, Assoc. Professor Tereza Rogić Lugarić and Assoc. Professor Marko Jurić as well as teachers from other components of the University. Teachers and students from all components of the University as well as the employees of the Rectorate are involved in certain tasks and activities of the project. The information system group is led by Professor Neven Vrček from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, whereas the University Computing Centre (Srce) and its representative Miroslav Milinović, participate in the implementation of the activities related to the creation of a common information system of the new European University. Along with UNIC project commissioners at all components of the University of Zagreb, the student representatives of all components gathered in the student committee will play an important role. The formation of a project stakeholder committee is also expected, which will include representatives of both the local authorities of the City of Zagreb, civil society and the business community from the area of the City of Zagreb as well as the wider community.


UNIC Courses




How to Apply for UNIC Courses

In order to apply for the courses at our Faculty of Law, please submit the following documents:

– a proof of enrolment (an official document provided by a college or university that proves your enrolment status)

– a copy of your ID or passport

– documents attached filled out and signed as indicated in the instructions (OIB application – poveznica na ovu kategoriju)

Please send all above stated documents to the following e-mail address: imo@pravo.hr